2015 Highlights:

100 Mile Reunion Ride

On the 27th of June 2015 we held a 100 mile reunion cycle ride, well we say reunion but it was open to anyone who fancied a go!
We started and finished at The Royal Oak in Hurdlow which had a bunk barn and a campsite for tents for our riders to sleep in.

There was no entry fee or minimum amount to raise like previous rides, but all money raised went straight to Lola’s Journey. Although no refreshments were provided, the route did pass through several towns and villages allowing the riders to pick up refreshments along the way.

Although the event only lasted one day it was certainly no walk in the park, and those who took part travelled a total ascent of 5352 ft and cycled over 94 miles. The event was both organised and filmed once again by Karl Beadle, and we are extremely grateful for his continued support.
2014 Highlights:

5 Countries in 5 Days

An epic 500 mile journey that would take the riders through England, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany in just 5 days.
The intrepid team departed from Maidstone on Sunday the 25th May 2014 with support crews meeting them at check points along the route offering food, drink, mechanical assistance and acting as a safety vehicle in the unlikely event of any unforeseen incidents.

The route took riders through Kent down to Dover, where they boarded the ferry for France. From Calais they rode through France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and finished back in Dover on Thursday 29th May.

Tented accommodation provided much earned rest and shelter and meals were provided throughout each day. Cyclists were given a print out of the exact route before the event and were expected to navigate their own way to each camp site. Participants were issued with the phone numbers of the support crew so that if, for whatever reason, they were concerned about being off track they were able to ask for help and verify their location.

Once again the event was filmed by Karl Beadle and his Copter Cam which provided amazing video coverage throughout.
2013 Highlights:

Lola’s Cycle

The epic 500 mile cycle ride from Edinburgh to Dover was captured on film by PC Karl Beadle and features equally epic footage.
The 2013 event was a great success. As the week progressed the team got in to a rhythm with the stronger riders taking the front positions to pull the others along.

It was tough going at times and there were some saddle-sores and tired faces, but with the help of the support crew offering warm soup, chocolate bars and drinks, every rider managed to finish. By the time they got to Dover a great camaraderie had been formed and the week ended with a great sense of this being a team achievement.

The team managed to raise a whopping £5788 for Lola’s Journey and we even managed to get on the local TV news so we are unbelievably thankful to all those who took part and to all those who sponsored our heroic friends. Anybody wishing to donate money can still do so here

PC Beadle, along with six of his police colleagues – four other Medway PCs (Keith Rice, James Dolby, Anthony Horn and James Callagahan), Sevenoaks PC Nick Hubbard and police trainer Leighton Cooley – joined five other people in the grueling five day cycle ride starting in Edinburgh on Easter Monday and ending in Dover on Friday 5th April.